Knusprige Reisteigröllchen mit ErdnussWhip und grünem Spargel

Das sieht richtig lecker aus – „mouthwatering“ sozusagen! Mahlzeit!

Herzlich Willkommen bei Lis

Zutaten (für 4 Pers.)

100g Erdnussbutter

200g QimiQ-Whip

1 TL Balsamico


16 Stangen grüner Spargel





Den Reisteig in rechteckige Streifen schneiden (5 x 10cm) und mit Schillerlockenformen (oder ähnlichem) ausstechen. Mit Eiklar bestreichen, zylinderförmig zusammenrollen und bei 180°C 3-5 min knusprig backen (bis sie bräunlich werden).

Die Erdnussbutter und das Whip aufschlagen, feinen Balsamico dazugeben und in die Röllchen einfüllen. Den grünen Spargel kurz blanchieren und in Olivenöl anbraten. Anschließend je ein Stück Spargel in die Röllchen füllen. Das Caprimark als Klekse auf dem Teller anrichten.

Raffinierter Genuss ohne Zucker & Weizen

Rezept von Andreas Kaiblinger

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The forest inscriptions of Hadrian in Mount Lebanon

Beautifully documented, scientifically written – I like this blog soo much! My compliments!


Lebanon is famously known for the presence of a very special kind of tree, the legendary cedar tree (cedrus libani). It is emblazoned on the national flag and is, due to its long history, one of the most defining features of Lebanon’s culture. The country is the most densely wooded in the Middle East, and pines, oaks, firs, cypresses and junipers are also found in the mountain areas. All these species of trees were an important source of timber for early civilizations of the Near East and the Nile.

The cedars of Lebanon.

Wood was one of the most sought-after commodities in antiquity, and references to the cedars go as far back as the beginning of the written script. The episode of the visit of Gilgamesh with his companion Enkidu to a forest to destroy the guardian monster and cut the trees can be traced back to the third millennium…

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10 interesting facts about Innsbruck

Ohh, da kommen Erinnerungen auf an die wunderschöne Stadt meiner Studentenjahre!

Macht sowas von Lust, wieder mal hinzufahren – nun als Tourist.


  1. This beautiful city is located in the west of Austria, on the river Inn, at the foot of the high Alps, the hilly area of Tyrol. The city is famous Austrian, ski resort of Winter Sports, known for its famous ski jump Bergisel and all kinds of alpine sports.Untitled
  2. Innsbruck was selected twice for the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976.
  3. The most important attraction of the city is „building with a golden roof“ (Goldenes Dachl), built in the year 1500 by the Emperor Maximilian. Historically balcony was covered with gilded, copper tiles. The building is a museum, where you can learn more about the life of the Emperor and admire the view of the city from the famous balcony.
  4. In the center of town is a medieval City Hall tower. At the tower you can climb stairs (148 in total), since there is no elevator.Untitled2
  5. Across the city tower…

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