5x Munich ~ Where to go | Where to eat [Reblog]

More Munich! Rischart and Pinakothek are also my favourites, too! The rest sounds very promising! – Thank you!

The Caffeinated Talk

Sunny, cloudy, windy | -1°C – 10°C | 6-17 km/h | ☼ 0710 – 1624

Thank you for allowing me tag along, Seth and Fiete. =)

Rischart: Café am Markt

So, the three of us left hotel around 3pm. Thank you gentlemen, for accompanying me to the cafe for a quick bite.

It was Fiete’s first time to Munich so the three of us were kind of strolling around Munich city before decided to have a quick bite (as I have not eaten lunch) at Rischart. We saw the rooftop cafe from, well, the open market, and thought it would be nice to have an overview of the street/ market from there. Good decision, I would say. So, thank you Seth, for that. =)

The image on the right hand side is called Kaiserschmarrn, loosely translated as the emperor’s nonsense. We were talking and discussing how and why they chose…

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