January AD 119 – Hadrian inaugurates the new year in Rome (#Hadrian1900)

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1,900 years ago, Hadrian celebrated the new year (year 872 Ab urbe condita) in Rome as consul for the third time (COS III) and appointed Publius Dasumius Rusticus as ordinary consul.

Rusticus is known only from his consulship and the reason why he received this prestigious honour is not known. It may be that he was a childhood friend or associate of Hadrian’s. The Dasumii family originated from Hispania Baetica, the home province of Hadrian. Together with the Aelli (Hadrian’s family) and the Ulpii (Trajan’s family), the Damusii were part of the intellectual, economic and political elite of the Empire.

Inscription from Stobi (Macedonia) mentioning the consulship of Publius Dasumius Rusticus. AD 119.
[P]ro [sal(ute) I]mp(eratoris) Tra[iani Hadriani Aug(usti) Libero statu]/[a]m posuit L(ucius) Dexsius(!) Longinus vet(e)ranus ex praet(orio) / Imp(eratore) Caes(are) Traiano (H)adriano Aug(usto) III P(ublio) Dasumio Rustico co(n)s(ulibus) de s/[uis]
© Epigraphik-Datenbank Clauss / Slaby…

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Eisenbahnpreis: agilis für „beste Qualität im bayerischen Bahnverkehr“ ausgezeichnet

Gratulation – besonders dem beherzten Lokführer!


Das Regensburger Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen agilis und ein Lokführer der Bayerischen Regiobahn haben als erste Preisträger den neu ins Leben gerufenen Bayerischen Eisenbahnpreis, die „Adler-Medaille“ erhalten.

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